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When is it, how much is tuition, and what does it include? 


The dates for our 2024 field school will run 5 weeks from Sunday, June 16th - Sunday, July 21st (inclusive). The tuition price for our 2024 field school is £4250, and includes 35 days hotel accommodation, research materials, field and lab manuals, expert tuition, airport transfers to/from Cluj Napoca Airport, private transportation to and from the archaeological sites, laboratory equipment and materials, and a 5-day bespoke Transylvania field trip.


All lessons are delivered in English. 

Will I have the opportunity to excavate and analyse real human remains?


Yes! All participants will be individually trained in the proper excavation techniques that are specific to human remains recovery in both archaeological and forensic contexts. Further, participants will then process and analyze the remains they excavate in an ethical and supportive environment.


Do I have to be enrolled in a university to apply?


No, we are happy to accept applications from anyone with a keen interest to learn about bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology, however, you must be at least 18 years or older by the start of the field school. 


Can I receive academic credit?


Yes, we can offer academic credit at no additional cost, however, you must seek approval for this course from your department and academic advisor beforehand. 

Where is Transylvania and how do you get there?


Transylvania is a region located in central Romania, surround by the Carpathian Mountains.  The accommodation is located within the major city of Cluj-Napoca. Participants accepted onto our program will be provided a preliminary field guide and be put into direct contact with staff prior to the start of the field school to assist in any travel or practical queries.

Who will be teaching me?

Transylvania Bioarchaeology provides expert training from accredited professionals. Our field program is participant-focussed and we pride ourselves in offering personal instruction to each participant. To this effect, our staff:student ratio is 1:3, the highest of any program. Our current staff may be found on the staff page by clicking here.

Is it possible to do less than the 5 weeks?


We do allow a limited number of participants to enrol for 3 weeks at a reduced cost of £1200/week however we do recommend completing the full course.

How can I apply to work with/intern for/be funded by you?


We accept full research proposals within the scope of any of our projects from those who wish to undertake research at the academic level. We also accept proposals from post-doctoral researchers and professionals who wish to initiate their own bioarchaeological project within the region, which we can help facilitate. For more information, please click here.

At present, University of Derby students are eligible for Turing Scheme funding to support the costs of the program. Other UK students may want to speak to their study abroad office to secure similar funding for a placement.

Lastly, we offer paid internships and potential employment opportunities to students who show particular promise in the field, and have completed at least one field season with us. If you would like to register your interest, please send a brief introductory e-mail and a CV to Please note that we will retain your CV and contact interested parties if/when we are accepting applications for employment. 


Transylvania Bioarchaeology is an equal opportunity employer.

Are field trips included in the price?


Yes! All enrolled participants will partake in a field trip to several archaeological and cultural sites throughout Transylvania. We feel that this is an enriching and essenital part of the field school experience. 

Do I need to have excavation/osteology experience to apply? 


No, we enthusiastically provide professional training for ALL levels of expertise and experience. 

What should I bring to the field?


After being accepted into the field school, you will be provided with a preliminary field guide with a packing list and other information about the program. If you have any particular questions not found in the preliminary field guide, we are happy to answer!

Can I bring my family/kids/carer/assistance dog?


Yes! We are a family friendly field school and support researching/student parents and carers! However, you must gain prior approval as we only have a limited number of family spaces. Additional charges will apply for a private room supplement, a field trip supplement, daycare fees (if required), etc. Please enquire at for further details. 


We do not discriminate based on disability status and believe people with disabilities should be supported and enabled in archaeology and forensic practice. Registered carers and registered assistance dogs (under the IGDF/ADI accreditation scheme) are permitted with appropriate documentation. Please enquire for more information.


Please note, children and partners will not be permitted on site or within the Archaeology Institute for liability reasons. All additional persons will be subject to our rules and regulations within our accommodation.

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