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About Us


Transylvania Bioarchaeology is a registered non-profit, educational community interest organization aimed at providing comprehensive professional training in the excavation and analysis of human skeletal remains in archaeological and forensic contexts. Transylvania Bioarchaeology comprises international teams of academics who have a passion and drive for bioarchaeological and forensic research. All of our staff members are current professionals in the field who have impressive publication and presentation portfolios.


As a non-profit, all proceeds fund student education and research.



Our fieldschool programs include:


  • Hands-on experience with archaeological skeletal material in both the field & laboratory settings with intensive bioarchaeological training


  • Lectures in current issues, theories, & methods from active researchers & academics


  • Student research opportunities, internship opportunities, & funding for graduate research


  • Cultural experiences & field trips


Archaeological field schools are a unique way to engage with not only current researchers in the field, but also forge bonds with future colleagues.


Transylvania Bioarchaeology is proud to sponsor paid internships to select students who show particular promise in the field.  

*Internships are only available to students who have completed at least one field season with us.

Benefits & Beyond



Letters of Recommendation

We happily offer letters of recommendation for graduate school, fellowships, or other internships to worthy students who complete our courses.

Research & Conference Opportunities

We offer assistance in generating podium and poster presentations at international conferences on undergraduate and graduate research.

Dissertations & Publications

We accept proposals to conduct graduate-level research for dissertations and theses within the scope of any of our offered projects.


Additionally, during the course of the field projects, any research generated with student assistance will result in the student receiving a co-authorship on publications and conference presentations by Transylvania Bioarchaeology.

Returning Student Discounts

We love working with keen students. If a previous student wishes to join us for any of our projects, they will be offered a 10% special returning student discount. 

Student Testimonials





Having taken part in the Transylvania Bioarchaeology field school for the past two summers, I have profited from in-depth lectures, and then been able to go and apply my knowledge in the lab. As an undergraduate student, it has been exciting to get to participate in on-going research and to work with such brilliant people. The accompanying field trip is a wonderful experience as well, and there are some amazing places to visit around Transylvania!

Annika Ventovuori - Bournemouth University, England

Randall Delgado - California State University-Long Beach, United States


Romania, you stole my heart. In four weeks I experienced amazing culture, gained new friends, and received more hands-on experience and knowledge than two years of school could give me! Thank you Transylvania Bioarchaeology, I will be back!

Khrystyne Tschinkel - Tulane University, United States


I have nothing but praise for the Transylvania Bioarchaeology field school and its staff. There are many important research goals involving the site, a highly emphasized one is to train students how to properly locate and excavate graves. The teaching and first hand experience I received through this program is something one cannot learn in a classroom. I bonded quickly with everyone in the program including the staff. During free time, we got to explore Cluj and it's exciting nightlife, and there was even an amazing four-day tour of Transylvania. With the balance of learning and having fun, I couldn’t recommend a better field school to attend. Especially because this one allows students to directly excavate the graves and interred individuals!

Megan Bereza - Mount Royal University, Canada


This field school is an amazing experience. It has everything that a student could be looking for in a field school. The learning experience is fundamental; it challenges student’s knowledge but also helps to nurture their understanding of our discipline. Also we have the chance to experience Romania while we are working. Cluj-Napoca is a beautiful city, the people are friendly and if it is your first time away from home it is a good first experience. Be prepared to work hard, learn lots but also have a great time with amazing people. 

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