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A non-profit organization


Transylvania Bioarchaeology is a collective of accredited university and industry professionals that provide participant-focussed training and research within Transylvania and associated regions. We assist the wider community in understanding and appreciating the rich the potential of bioarchaeology and forensic archaeology as achieved through systematic and ethical investigations of the archaeological and historical records. 

In conjunction with the Romanian Institute of Archaeology, the University of Derby (UK), and the Turing Scheme, our international and local collective endeavours to support the education and research interests of participants, who wish to expand their knowledge and/or skills in bioarchaeology, human osteology, and forensic anthropology/archaeology, and offers opportunities (mentorship and sponsorship) to undertake their own research in the field. 


For more information on our ethics codes and policies, please visit our Ethics and Policies page.

We offer personalised training in bioarchaeological and forensic archaeological excavation techniques and recording methods for all participants.

We also train participants in the full range of post-excavation analyses of the human skeletal remains they excavate in a laboratory environment.

In addition to field and lab work, we offer a truly unique experience that takes participants off-site and through the amazing Transylvania region of Romania.




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Megan Oliverson - Utah State University,
United States

"Attending this field school was one of the best decisions I have ever made! After my first year, I knew that bioarchaeology was the field I wanted to pursue. I loved gaining the hands-on experience with skeletal remains as well as the personal interactions with the instructors. Through the two years (hopefully more in the future) that I attended this field school, I made lifelong friends, got to work on my own collaborative research project, received support from the staff to help me get into graduate school, and learned so much about Transylvanian culture (including palinka!)."


Ready to apply for an unforgettable and educational summer? 


Contact us for information and/or click on the application page to get started  

on embarking on the summer of a lifetime!

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